Sunday, February 07, 2010

Winter Whirlwind

Hello! I'm just dashing in - don't have much time. It's been somewhat of a crazy weekend around here. We've had a house full of sickies. Well, just two really. Webster the bunny and Griffin the baby boy. It's been a bit of a job keeping everyone in medicine and good spirits. Plus, not a lot of sleep. Nevertheless, we did manage to fit in some things. I photographed some of the stuff I made over the week.

Jai and I watched the entire run of Victorian Farm, which was really fun, and totally worth checking out if you are interested in life at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution or homesteading. Jai snuck out into the shop for a couple of hours to get some tops turned, and I fit in a little experiment with some styrofoam and plexiglass, which I am SO pleased with!

And while all that was going on inside, the energy was matched outside by yet another round of snow. Our quiet moments were spent sitting in the windowseat, watching the birds at the feeder, waiting for those moments when Griffin smiled and all was right with the World again.

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