Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Dear Diary...

Hello! It's a blistering cold -26 degrees outside today, so Griffin and I have been having some indoor fun. He's been up and down and all around.

And I did manage to get some sort of Etsy store up and running again. As I should have known it would, it has been helpful in getting me to think about the types of things I want to be making for sale. Hmmmm. I must decide how much of that decision will be informed by my current ability to find time to make things, and how much will be informed by the things I want to make. Judging by my ability to articulate this line of thought, I have some thinking still to do! I must just try and remember that one day I will have the time to be in the shop again. One day, I will have the time to bring all these ideas to fruition. (Or maybe it's like being back in Art School - if you can think of it, then you don't need to bother actually making it. Conceptual Art!) On this crazy thought pendulum, I'm swinging back towards not abandoning all the work I did before Griffin was born. For today, anyway. Plus watching Griffin enjoy things that move, spin, flip and flap has made me appreciate them even more. So while I won't be making any large automata any time soon, perhaps I can still find time for a thaumatrope or two.
Anyway, back in real time, I have been keeping busy drawing, and doing some little embroideries. I finished up this little bird that I started back when I was pregnant:

And I did these narwhals, who are in love. If I can figure out how to do it, I thought I might put this up as a free pattern download, since I have so enjoyed other people's patterns. Gotta get Jai's help on how to upload a PDF first, though.

Anyway, there's our little slice of life for today. I'm sure one day I will look back on these days and laugh at myself, just a little.

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Caroline said...

Congrats on getting the store up and running again! I've been following your blog ever since I fell in love with your whale-on-a-string, as seen in your etsy store. Stay warm and one day at a time! Good luck!