Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day

Hello! We had a Snow Day today. Here's a pic of what it looks like out our front door:

Goodbye again, Grass! See you in a month or so. It's been snowing sideways all day, and Jai says it's up past his knees, which means it's almost as deep as Griffin (two spaghettis high.) (can you pluralize spaghetti?) Anyway, I haven't managed to get much stuff done this week. Griffin's being really clingy and doesn't want to be left alone, even for a minute. And this is why it's so nice to have friends with years of Mom experience. Sarah told me that her kids were exactly the same right before they started to be mobile. So who knows? This time next week Griffin may be crawling all over the house. Then I'll really be in trouble!

Anyway, I think we're going to be spending the day holed up by the fire, with some snacks (that's a shot of Griffin trying pineapple for the first time. Two messy thumbs up.) Days like this I really wish we had a couch we could all snuggle up on, and watch movies. We've got the movies and the snugglers, so I guess we're more than half way there. And if we did have a big old cozy couch, I'd probably never get off of it. I'd figure out a way to put everything within reach, and hunker down with some blankets. Griffin might never learn to walk. Still, it doesn't sound all bad. Perhaps I'll comfort myself with another round of hot chocolate. Here's to you, wherever you might be on this cold and snowy night.

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