Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fun with Fabric (what I've been up to) - the Project Update

I thought it might be about time that I do a "Projects" post, to be followed soon by an "Update" post. Project time has been in short supply around here, but I have been trying to sneak in moments here and there. Once in a while they actually add up to a finished product!
First up is a very quick, very satisfying project made entirely of Eco-felt (recycled pop bottles.)

I got this great little sketchbook for Christmas, but I never have been much of a fan of that faux alligator skin stuff they get covered with. This project couldn't be easier when done with felt (oh how I love thee!) And just for fun, I thought I'd add some reverse applique circles and a pencil holder (to keep my pencil away from Jane, otherwise known as That Pesky Cat, for whom pencils are the #1 toy of choice.)
Next up, my first attempt at Screenprinted Fabric.

It's not perfect, but I have decided that it is Quite Good For a First Try. I'd like to try it again, with the designs closer together - the distance was determined by my pressing need to Get Something Done, which meant that I couldn't wait for one pass to dry before doing a second, and instead just put them far enough apart that the screen never touched a wet spot. Sigh.

Anyway, I'll probably cut it up, and use the pieces in some of these:

These are my new favourite thing to make! I get to embroider and sew, and they come together quickly enough to satisfy my general sense of always being in a rush. They are excellent little projects for using up stolen crafty moments. Plus, I get to use up all my little offcut pieces. They are also stuffed with offcuts and remnants, so they are very firm. Griffin loves them!

They are a great size for grabbing,

nice and firm for chewing on,

and cute as all get out. I am totally excited about these little guys, and have Big Plans for making them with fabric that I printed myself. Fun! Big Fun! (It doesn't take much!)

It seems that it may be a while before I am able to be a wood person again. Shop time is almost impossible - it's not something you can quickly do while the baby is sleeping. So... I have been thinking and thinking, drawing and tinkering, to try and come up with something that I can make and sell on Etsy again. My eventual goal is to be able to earn enough to be able to stay at home with Griffin. Anyway, I think I'm getting closer to finding that thing. What do you think? I'm setting this in writing, so there's no backing out. By the end of January, I'd like to get the old Etsy store up and running again. All right. There it is in black and white for all the world to see (or at least those of you who come and visit with us in the Blogosphere.) Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren,

On the idea of projects...I have to tell you how wonderful my pebble bag is Lauren! I received a beautiful and perfect pebble with it's own 'keeping bag' from your mom a couple of weeks ago. Don't let this idea go by the wayside! XO JP (Looking forward to seeing you guys and meeting Griffin in February!)

Anonymous said...

hi all. I'm taking a short break from homework ... well, ok, a longish break from homework :) Lauren, I love the little dolls - ladies at work do too! hi JP - the little bags are adorable aren't they?! i love the notion of a keeping bag. Lauren, I know once you decide to get back into production you will be as successful with the new line of products as you are with your woodworking - market your photography too! XO me