Monday, August 17, 2009

Update #1

Hello!  We had a very busy weekend, but I haven't uploaded those photos yet, so instead, I will go back a few days - to our latest Frenchy's trip.  I needed to get something to wear to the wedding we attended on Saturday, so my friend Jo was nice enough to accompany Griffin and I on our little road trip.  We got all sorts of fun stuff, like fuzzy bear pants with paws attached, and this fun reversible (cheetah/tiger) fleece jacket.  

They are a little big for now, but it won't be long!  He's already outgrown half of his clothes. 
 I think Griffin's favourite purchase was this little fabric book. 

He sits on my lap, and we "read" it over and over again.  (My friend Sarah pointed out that he might need some more toys.)  He is at the point now where he wants to be on the go constantly, and gets bored with sitting around the house, leaving me racking my brain for things we can do together, around town.  

On Friday, we had a little picnic in the park while we waited for Jai to get off work.  He really liked lying under the maple trees, staring at the leaves as they moved in the wind, and he liked the feel of the grass on his bare legs when I helped him sit up.  I brought a book with me, but probably won't bother next time :)

And it's blackberry season again already!  That means Summer is already sliding towards Fall,  and we are heading into my favourite season.  This summer has been pretty unpleasant so far, but my theory is that we are going to have a really nice Fall to make up for it.  That's my theory, and I'm sticking to it!

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Anonymous said...

Loving all the new photos. Our boy is certainly getting big-and too cute for words. Especially love the series with the glasses. Can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks. Love Mom and Dad (soloy)