Monday, March 23, 2009

Signs of spring amid the snow

Hello Again!  It's been a beautiful week around here, and finally some of that snow is starting to melt.  You can almost walk down our driveway without taking your life in your hands.  So, of course, I had to go out and photograph all the little signs of spring.

I found some snowdrops coming up, and even beginning to flower a little. 

I found the tulips that I planted last fall coming up underneath the snow that I scooped out of the way.  

The strawberries in their raised beds look like they survived the winter.  Good thing, because I just broke out the last bag of home-grown frozen berries yesterday.  Now I truly have to wait until the new ones grow.  

The river is no longer frozen solid.  I think it's so neat that only a couple of weeks ago, people were walking over that water.

Just to keep us in the realm of reality, though, there is still about two feet of snow sitting on the raspberry patch.

And Environment Canada has a red-screen warning about snowfall amounts for tonight.  Apparently we are in for another 15 cm before tomorrow morning.  MORE snow!  I think we're both starting to feel like we've had enough winter, already.  Just have to keep reminding ourselves that it's only March.  Every week brings us closer to nice weather.

And every week brings us closer to baby.  We went and did the hospital tour yesterday.  It was good to do, I guess, but to be honest kind of felt like a waste of time.  It took us almost exactly an hour (59 mintues) to get to the hospital parking lot from our driveway.  The tour was about fifteen minutes long.  So we went to Home Depot.  We picked up a new light fixture for the closet, a curved track light that should help out a lot, and some venetian plaster stuff.  We're hoping to plaster right over the wallpaper, so that we don't have to peel it all off and then repair the walls to perfect before we paint.  If it works, we'll probably be buying a lot more venetian plaster!  We also went through all our clothes, and put together three garbage bags of giveaways, so that felt like getting something done.  I think the closet will be a nice little nursery for a baby, when it's all done up.  Eventually, of course, we'll have to lose the guest room, but for now, this will be great.  They say you should have the baby in the bedroom for the first six months, anyway.  

Hmmmm... I feel like I should have some more exciting things to write about, but it seems that I just don't.  Sorry!  I did get two more elephants made this week.  A wide awake blue one:
And a sleepy little grey one:
And Jane the cat just couldn't handle not being the centre of attention, so I took some shots of her, too.  She came running over and jumped right in front of the elephant when she heard the camera sounds.  What a silly cat.

Jai is off at band practice tonight.  It looks like they have decided to add a new guitar player, named Mark.  He and his wife just moved to Bridgetown guessed it - Victoria, BC.  I just met him for the first time tonight, and only for a couple of seconds, but he looks nice.  And I'm guessing we have at least one thing in common!  


Anonymous said...

HI! I love the new elephants - your many colours of elephants remind me of the Dr. Suess book! I didn't take the opportunity yesterday to check out the garden for new growth ... bad on my part as everything is now covered with snow again. Guess we got the storm a bit earlier than you guys!! Hi to Jane and Emma and Webbie and Peanut from Morgan and Yoda! XO Me

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAI (sorry about the belated greeting!!!)