Monday, March 09, 2009

Cupcakes and Elephants, and other things I like

Hello!  Hope you are all well.  We had a very busy week, but part of that was just doing some fun stuff.  We went to Halifax this weekend to pick up some things, do some visiting, and attend a baby shower that Errol's family put on for the little one.  
It was just like a birthday party when you're a little kid.  They actually asked if I wanted to eat first or open presents first.  When those are your only two options, chances are you're in for a good afternoon.  So that was fun.  
My Grandma sent out a pile of beautiful receiving blankets she had made up especially for us from fabric she thought we would like.  I love them!

And we even had a very Spring-like day.  We spent most of it walking around the Hydrostone area of Halifax, and Spring Garden Road.  I had a mission to accomplish during all this wandering - visiting Suzie's Shortbreads (aka the Cupcake Store!)  Every once in a while I think back to the Cupcake Store in Vancouver with fond wistfulness, so I was completely delighted to learn that someone had decided to open her own cupcake store in downtown Halifax.  Hooray for cupcakes!  
It happened to tie in nicely with Errol's post-birthday celebration, so cupcakes were enjoyed by all :)

Today I got home from work and snuck into the driveway moments before the Nova Scotia power guys blocked it off, by dangling a giant drill and a guy right over the middle of our driveway.  They're putting in new power poles, but it did look pretty strange.
And I had just enough time when I got home to whip up a brand new elephant from a vest that Errol gave me to cut up.  

I think I like him.  

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