Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Flowers and Showers

Hello!  Those crocuses are perhaps a little misleading.  Ours are only just poking out of the ground now, but our neighbour Pearl, leading the pack as usual, has a large bed of beautiful purple blossoms that I just couldn't resist photographing.  We do, however, have a nice little collection of snowdrops blossoming now.  It's always such a relief to see these little guys actually flowering!  Spring really is on it's way - despite the constant threat of snow.

We got a good start on the wall prep for our closet this weekend.  This will be the baby's first room.  Only a month to go now, and I am getting anxious!  We wanted to try something new with the walls in here, as a test.  We peeled off all the loose wallpaper, then used a product called Venetian Plaster from Behr, and trowelled it randomly over the walls.  If it works like we hope, you won't be able to tell that there is wallpaper below the paint, and the walls will have a very nice texture.  It already looks better!  We are hoping to be able to do the same effect through the main hall, as no one wants to peel all that wallpaper off, and drywalling over it would be too expensive.  Anyway, we still have to prime and paint the walls, and then I can start to set it up like a little nursery.
My wonderful friends threw us a Baby Shower this Sunday, and completely spoiled us, and now I am just dying to get this stuff set up so the room looks as welcoming as I know it will with all these beautiful things to put in it!  This is the fun part, I think.
There was even little sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and jam and custard tarts.  Do I have the best friends, or what?

It's still sub-zero temperatures out in the shop, but I have been busy making things inside, by the fire (or the television, as the case may be!)  I've started a little blanket , and am just in the process of blanket stitching around the edges.  It's a nice, meditative sort of process, with no danger of losing a finger, so I'm kind of enjoying that!
Also, of course, I made two more elephants.  More elephants!  I know, I know.  

And other than that, we are dreaming of baby days, and Spring days, and days we can't even begin to imagine.  I brought in some quince branches, hoping to get some early blossoms, but so far all they've managed is leaves!  Still, there is something to be said for those first, early little leaves.  That Spring Green does a heart good, I think :)


sherrieg said...

Oooh, your quince flowers are almost open! And thanks for the suggestion for covering the wallpaper... we just might have to try that. And where is that sweet little bracket on the shelf from? Oh, and yay for snowdrops and crocuses! :)

Katie Belcher said...

I wish I'd made it on time...in the end it probably wasn't necessary that I go to the meeting, but wanted to head there to vote on something important. I dropped by and searched around B-town for you ladies, but only ended up finding the boys. Hope it was a blast, and that you are feeling loved and supported. Next time I see you, you'll be ready to pop! I'm not heading back for a few weeks because of a trip to ON. See you soon, and good luck!

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Guys! Thanks so much for the comments! Sherrie - those brackets came with the house. I love them, too! We also have all these hooks with acorns on them all throughout the house. If I remember, I'll take some pictures. Katie - sorry to have missed you! I totally understand about the AGM, there were a couple of people there that I would have liked to see. Hopefully we'll catch up with you next time!

Anonymous said...

hi guys! Jai - I really, really, really like the new song ... technology prevents me from writing a comment on the Dayliner band site (ok, maybe it's not the technology but the user)! Please give a happy birthday hug to Chloe from us! Have the quince flowers come out yet (question mark)(still can't find my question mark :o - help is appreciated)! XOXO M/J