Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Storm Update

Hello! Well, we still haven't made it to the Mac repair shop. And now I'm starting to get a big build up of photos that I would like to post. Oh well, I'm sitting here having a bed-time snack out of my Suzanne Babineau birthday bowl, and I thought I would share a photo off her web-site, just so this isn't a totally pictureless post.
She does such beautiful pottery; I really love her work. Every year at the Christmas shows (which seem to always co-incide with my birthday) I try and get at least one piece. And it really does make the cereal taste better!

We're in the middle of another Maritime storm here. Outside the window, the snow is blowing like crazy, beating against the glass on all four sides of the house, it seems. Later on, it's supposed to turn into freezing rain, then rain, then more snow, so I imagine the roads are going to be messy and dangerous out there tomorrow - good news for all the school kids! Jai is up in Annapolis Royal right now, having a band practice. If you haven't checked out Dayliner yet, you can download two free songs off the web-site:

I've been busy here, clearing all the furniture out of the dining room and building a bunch of new bookcases that will go all around the room. It's a very exciting project, although I must admit that all the getting up and down off the floor is a little harder than it used to be! Everything is just taking a little more time than I was hoping for. We're hoping that it will all be built by Friday, because I am off to Halifax to photograph another wedding, and it would be great if Jai could do all the priming that needs to be done while I am out of the house. We bought some no-VOC paint, so that should be all right, but good primer can be pretty stinky. It will be so nice to make some progress on this room, as it's been a while living with broken plaster, exposed lathe, and a big gap in the floor. We'll still be short a few key pieces of furniture, but at least the bones will be there.

Jai has been busy settling in at his new job. He's really loving it, which is so nice to see. And he's brought me home a whole bunch of new knitting books, so I am totally looking forward to having the time to just sit and knit again. This week has been a little hard, as I am trying to work as much as possible at the cabinet shop, as well as being a busy builderton at home. Time is just flying by! And I don't imagine it will get better any time soon. Oh well, we're trying our best to make sure there's still time for eating good food, snuggling by the fire, and catching up on each other's news, even if it means that the laundry piles up a little, and the kithcen gets a little messy:)

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