Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Little Taste of Fall

Hello! It's a winter wonderland outside our windows right now. Today we had 15 cm of big fluffy flakes float down - on top of the 10 or so that we already had sitting in our driveway. It's all shovelled now, though, so hopefully we'll all be able to get to work again tomorrow. Not that I mind the occasional snow day!
Anyway, I don't have any pictures of that, but I do have some nice fall scenery pictures that I played with a little in my new photo editing program. I kind of lost touch with the photography world after I got my degree, so it's amazing to me how much it has changed in the last seven years. We were probably the last class to graduate without using digital cameras. And now... it's all totally different. I could have finished school and kept right on taking pictures - without needing to set up a darkroom and dealing with chemicals and buying reams and reams of film. Part of me still feels that things are lost by not being in the darkroom, playing with lights and chemicals, and watching the paper develop in the tray, but now I can also see how things could really be gained, too. I had a lot of fun playing with the computer and making these photos into what I always intended them to be. Not that I'm suddenly going to go back to being a photographer, but it certainly opens up possibilities. I'm doing another wedding at the end of this month, and I'm totally looking forward to it.
Going back to work this last week has been pretty nice. I really, REALLY enjoyed my vacation, but it's nice to feel like a productive member of society again, too. I like getting out of the house, at least, and I enjoy the work at the cabinet shop. It makes me think about projects that I might not think much about otherwise, and it's nice to get out of my own head for a while. Although I have been enjoying creating some of the stuff that I've been wanting to make. I did a ton of painting over the holiday, I just haven't gotten to the woodworking part yet to complete all the new whirligigs that are waiting to be put together. We're hoping to spend some time this summer really making the shop more insulated. Right now, it's always freezing cold and terribly dark out there, and it takes so long to get it warm that some days it's too easy for me to find other things to do. Hopefully soon Jai will find some time to replace the breakers that go out to the shop and then they won't flip all the time. Every time a breaker flips, someone has to go into the low, dark, spider-filled basement to flip it back. Sometimes if Jai isn't home, I end up coming inside and finding something else to do. Obviously, it isn't ideal working conditions, but some of the changes, at least, could be done relatively cheaply. And it's definitely better than no shop at all. Much better :)

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Anonymous said...

Hey, the pictures are gorgeous! Nice work! XO us PS Morgan wants to know if you will do a portrait of her :)