Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Show!

Hi!!! (Finally!) Sadly, I don't have a lot of time to write tonight, but I thought I better sneak a minute to post a small update, at least. This last weekend was the NSDCC Christmas Craft Show, which is the main reason why it has been so long since I wrote!
Our new booth worked great, and was super easy to set up. We got lots of compliments on it, so that was pretty nice. Friday was a slow day for us, lots of people browsing through and paying us with compliments. Then early Saturday morning Nova Scotia was hit with a huge blizzard. We couldn't even get the car (we tried to borrow Mom and Errol's SUV) down the street, the snow was so deep that the car was bottoming out, and then we couldn't even get it back in the driveway. The plows didn't do their their cul-de-sac, so Jai and I loaded up all the stuff we wanted to bring and hiked out to the nearby Superstore to catch a cab. We made it eventually, but there were quite a few vendors that didn't, and hardly any customers at all. Halifax was basically shut down, they weren't ready for the snow at all. We saw a bus full of people stuck in a snow drift in an intersection, and our cab driver was saying (among other, more eccentric things) that he had seen a plow that was stuck. Yikes.
Anyway, despite Saturday, which was spent visiting and making new friends, mostly, I am going to count the show a success. We made some excellent contacts, so keep your eyes posted here for some exciting new updates.
And my whirligigs were a big hit, which is exciting to see. So it looks like I will be making lots more of those in the near future, and I'm looking forward to that.
And, yes, I had a birthday on Sunday! It was great, and nice to be able to visit with some family and eat home-made birthday cake.
Anyway, I have a few pics of our booth, but not too much of anything else, so I will try and post again soon with more photos, and some more news!


Christine said...

I just wanted to congradulate you on your booth! It was beautiful and professional. If I was not an overly-broke art student I would have snapped up a few of those books, lovely.

sherrieg said...

The booth looks amazing! Well done! Stinky about the weather, though.

The Mama said...

WOW! The booth looks amazing! I'm sure you both would have been run off your feet if the weather had of been better. Everything looks beautiful.

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Thanks so much, guys!

Anonymous said...

Hi, The booth looks fantastic and will draw lots of attention at future shows. must have been kind of exciting with all that snow--see Jai that old snowmobile would have been handy, huh. Hope you had a great birthday, Lauren-have something ready for the mail - late as usual. Am going to the one-of-a-kind on Monday will let you know how it is.
Keep well, Mom (Anita) & Dad (Stan)