Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Peas!

It's been a while, though I don't feel like there's lots to report. I spent a couple more days visiting in Halifax, and that seems to have thrown all my schedules out the window. I feel back on track now, though.
I did manage to get four more books finished. And three of them I painted on, which was lots of fun. I found a site that show tv shows on-line, so I have watched the first season of Grey's Anatomy while putting this stuff together, and working on a new whirligig (which is so far unfinished.)

I made up some polar bear toys at the request of Mahar Drygoods, so Jai will be painting those soon. Yep, Christmas already. He's been busy turning tops, but did find the time to make a gorgeous walnut pen, as well.

The garden is just at that point when there's not a lot that needs to be done with it, other than weeding. It needs a LOT of weeding this year, because we foolishly allowed our big pile of topsoil to grow weeds all summer last year, then spread it all over our garden this year. Jai read somewhere that allowing weeds to go to seed for one year means seven years of hard weeding. Oh, crap.
Everything is doing well, though. (My rose came back!) The potatoes are starting to die back already, the beans are making beans, the tomatoes are reddening (we've eaten about four, so far), the cucumbers are once again getting out of control, and the watermelons are like little baseballs. We went in to the Farmer's Market last Saturday and came home with a quart of blueberries, and a quart of cherries, plus I bought some Canadian peaches, so it's been an eating bonanza. I think that is my favourite part about summer. Plus I like waking up and having the bedroom be bright. The heat, though, I could live without. (Of course, don't ask me in the Winter!)
It is fun to see everyone out and about. We went for a walk the other night, and the streets were full of people strolling around. It made me feel very glad to live in a small town.
The other thing that made me very glad to live in a small town this week was the Anne of Green Gables Ice Cream Social put on by the library. This is the 100th anniversary of Anne of Green Gables, so they had free ice cream and all sorts of activities for kids in the park behind our house.

Jai wasn't sure that he wanted to go, until I said, "Well, you don't HAVE to eat free ice cream!" Who can resist free ice cream from a girl with red braids?

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Anonymous said...

hi guys! I love the polar bears!the new books, pen and sweet peas too (a great greeting card picture)! All is well here - see you soon! XOXO Mom/Joc