Thursday, July 17, 2008

Progress Report

Hello! Isn't that the sweetest little chickpea that you've ever seen? I just love how these plants look. I'm not sure how many peas we'll actually get (Jai figures about half a can's worth) but it's fun to grow them anyway.

Work-wise, I got a couple more projects done this week. Here is the latest whirligig:

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm having a lot of fun with them. The next one has already begun. I also got a couple of books finished, so I will be listing them in our store this week, hopefully. I'm really enjoying the whole binding part of the new books. Before, it was just straight-up woodworking (with hinges and bolts) but now it is woodworking crossed with this whole other world of possibilities. Plus I like having an activity to do at night while we watch shows. I always did like stitching things together.
We had to do an emergency Halifax run this week, as some of our favourite people ended up in the hospital. We're thinking of you guys every day, and we're sure you're about to make a speedy recovery! The only upside to this was that Jai was able to pick up the guitar my parents bought him. They said it was calling out for him, and it appears that he agrees wholeheartedly :)
We've been having crazy hot weather this week, hot enough to send me running for cover at times. Jai was saying today we need to find some inner tubes so we can launch into the river and spend an afternoon floating around. They've taken down the pollution meter this year, so I'm hoping that just means that it's always safe to swim. The meter used to read (from green to red) "Safe," "Not safe to water livestock," "Not safe to water crops," "Not safe to swim," which always made us wonder why it would be bad to water crops with, but ok to swim in. Hmmm...

Anyway, the garden is enjoying the heat, and we are starting to enjoy some produce from it. This week we saw the first of the cucumbers ready to eat (and delicious!) and bowls and bowls of raspberries. The lettuce bolted, though, so I'm glad I have been staggering the planting this year. Last year I planted it all at once, which meant there was more than we could eat, until there was suddenly none worth eating. I'm learning!
And a progress report on the peach front: so far so good. The clever little tree dropped all but two of the peaches that it started, which is good, I think. The two that are left are looking especially succulent.
I hope you all have a peachy week!


Christie & Mike said...

Thaumatropes! That is definitely a mouthful, but I guess no more than sideways spinny button things. :) I'm having so much fun watching your business evolve.

My parental leave is almost up, so I'm going to be taking the self-employed step in a couple of months myself to see if I can contract enough to work from home and support us for a while... Mike's going to take parental leave, it should be interesting!


jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Chris, wow, it sounds like you guys have some big changes coming up. I'll look forward to hearing all about them :)

lapaperie&cozy said...

Lovely photos as always...
Thanks for sharing. :)