Wednesday, August 06, 2008

More Sights of Nova Scotia

My Mom and my Aunty Janet were down visiting for a couple of days, so we managed to take in some more Nova Scotia sights. On the first night, we went to Hampton Beach, where we take all of our visitors. (Yes, this could be you, too!)
It's a ten minute drive, over the mountain, from our house.
And I think it has the most amazing, spectacular, jewel-like rocks of any beach.
I've only seen the tide out as far as this once before, and it was at this time of year last year, so there must be a seasonal low. I really like in this picture how you can see the two rain storms happening over the Bay (one on each side.)
And on Sunday, we toured the French Shore, as far as Meteghan. This was the first time Jai and I had ever been to Smuggler's Cove, since it was closed for the season last time we were in the area.
That big dark spot is the cave the smugglers used to hide their loot during the prohibition. I wish the tide had been out, and we could have gone exploring, but it was a very pretty spot, all the same.
We toured the docks of Meteghan,
and, of course, some of our favourite antique stores :)
So thanks for the lovely visit, guys!
I did still manage to get some work done still, too. A brand spankin' new whilrligig:
I really like this one.
Jai thought this side looked like amoebas, but I was thinking booby-gears. Hmmmm...
Gotta run, Jai just walked in the room with a tray full of steaming-hot home-made pizzas. Yum! Enjoy your week!


sherrieg said...

That could be us on the beach? How about Monday - I don't know if you got the e-mail I sent the other day, but we're up for a drive on Monday if you'll be around and that's okay with you! :) Send me an e-mail when you get the chance.

Kathleen Shea said...

Hi Lauren!

Am loving your blog. Was referred to you by Steve Raftery. Would you be interested in participating in a workshop on blogging? I'm trying to put one together for October. We want to increase the number of bloggers in the region and you would be a great addition to our panel.

Please call/email me when you have a minute. Thanks!

Here's my contact info...

Kathleen Shea
Marketing Officer
Annapolis Digby Economic Development Agency
(902) 638-8784