Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hey Guys,
Another week has passed, and time has flown by once again. We've had a couple of Congratulations to offer this week. First to my cousin Christie, who just had her first baby. Hello, little Brynn! (You can link to her Blog over on the menu bar) Also, Congratulations to Mom and Errol, who just sold their house. I'm kind of sad to think that I will never see that house again - it's full of happy memories, and big life events, for me. Anyway, I'm totally looking forward to seeing them soon in a sunny Nova Scotia locale near me. The West Coast Invasion continues!

Also this week, Jai's band played their first live show. Unfortunately it happened in the middle of another big snow storm (pictured above) but they still drew a pretty good crowd of brave souls, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. I tried to get some good pictures, but those silly guys just would not stand still while they played!

Afterwards, we retired to the local pub, which stayed open just for us.

The snow has all melted away today. This morning our driveway was a giant field of ice, but I think the curling has really helped my ability to be on ice. I can almost take the tape off my slider! (That's an in-joke for you curlers out there.) We won our game last night, which resulted in us feeling fairly cocky about the whole thing.

Other than that, we've been busy like beavers in the shop, making big piles of expensive sawdust. We've both been kept busy with orders, so that's always nice. Here's my latest marquetry pic, of an American Goldfinch:

Also, I did a little trade with a girl in Yarmouth. She has a wonderful blog that I love to read, and she makes amazing soaps:

You can check out her stuff at www.birchbarksoap.etsy.com
I can highly recommend it.
Well, I think that's all our news. We're having homemade pizza for dinner tonight, and we finally used up the last of our sundried tomatoes, which has me dreaming longingly of our summer garden. Last year I thought we had way too many tomatoes, but I can already tell that I'm going to plant at least that many again! I guess it is a good thing there's a winter in there. How else could we get a break from gardening to daydream about our perfect garden?


sherrieg said...

I'm so glad you like the soaps! And I can't wait for the tomatoes, either!

Anonymous said...

hi guys - I love the goldfinch ... and the winter pictures. Jai, I look forward to hearing your band - here's to many more gigs. Congratulations, Christie! Welcome Brynn! Talk to you soon. XO Mom/Joc

Christie & Mike said...

Hey guys,
Stole away a few minutes... I can't believe we are parents! I also can't believe your parents sold the house! Are they moving out there? Love the photos, that rocks that you're in a band again, you guys seem to really be enjoying yourselves. Lots of Love! Christie & family