Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jai!!!!

Hello! It's Jai's Birthday today, but sadly he is at work, and I am sitting here alone. Anyway, I took a picture of him leaving the house, so here is his birthday picture. Happy Birthday!!!!!
He's spending it at the theatre, for their annual general meeting. We were there last night to see Persepolis, another good one. I took this picture then:

It snowed again this morning, but then it turned to rain, so most of the snow has disappeared again. We had lots of plans for this weekend, but then I got a bad cold, and spent most of the weekend lying in bed, so none of them got done. So that was kind of crappy. Lying in bed, sick with a cold, however, is the perfect time to read the original Mary Poppins, and Mary Poppins Comes Back, for the first time. I picked them both up two library sales ago, and didn't realize until now that they are actually the original, first print editions. So that was kind of cool - that was about my intellectual level all weekend. Still, we did manage to get some Easter in. Jai made an Easter egg hunt for me with Hershey's kisses and jelly rabbits, and Pearl (our neighbour) dropped off two plates of food. Plus I spent some time with the bunnies, and they got a couple of extra carrots for the occasion.

And that's really all our news. In between lying in bed, and all the flurries, I have been trying to get some pictures of the family of robins that have moved into the empty lot across the street from us. There are six or seven of them, at least, and I think they are Newfie robins, as they have VERY red breasts, and almost black faces, which are apparently the signs. I hope they stay around for a while, and maybe even build some nests. That would be very cool.

I'll keep trying!
And it's back to work for me tomorrow. After this week, I am feeling a little bit behind. It looks like Jai and I will both be working all weekend. In the immortal words of Will Rogers,
"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."
(Yes, I admit, I am having way too much fun with the Quotationary!)


sherrieg said...

Happy Birthday, Jai! And I'm glad you're feeling better, Lauren. :)

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Thanks Sherrie!

Anonymous said...

Just realized how long it has been since I've checked on your winter progress. Hope you were able to take some time to celebrate your birthday, Jai. Sounds like you had a pretty busy day. I have been pretty sick too, so I can relate, Lauren, but I hope you are over it now. I am. You have Robins already! No self respecting Robin is in Ontario yet although we are supposed to have some warmer temps. this week - Harrah!!!!