Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No more pink walls!

Hello again! Well, I was priming until 10 o'clock tonight, but the bathroom is getting there.
This is how it looked yesterday morning:

And this is how it looks tonight:

Goodbye pepto-bismol-pink walls! See you. . . never!
Tomorrow, we paint everything, then put the tub, sink, and toilet in place and hook e'm up. It kind of sucks to have to finish everything so quickly, but at the same time, without a deadline of some sort, I'm sure we could drag this renovation out for many more weeks! And it will be so nice to be able to shower in my own house again!

And while Jai was doing the wiring and plumbing in the bathroom (stuff I can't help with) I have been working away on our library bookcases. They're almost done being built, then I will finish installing them (baseboard and trim so it looks built-in) and then they will be painted.

We haven't been all work without some play, though. On Sunday night we went to the Annapolis Royal Paint-in with our friends Brandon and Jo. It was so much fun. They had 80 different artists all around the town, painting up a storm. When an artist finished a painting, a volunteer walked it over to the Legion in a pizza box, and it was hung in the gallery, where there was a giant silent auction going on. Until 5 p.m. there was a buy-it now price, and after that, bidding was open till 6. At about one minute to six, you could see all sorts of little skirmishes around the most popular paintings!

We bought two pieces, for our miniature painting collection:

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Anonymous said...

hi guys - it all looks great - I can hardly wait to see the end results! I really like the miniatures - well done! Talk to you soon! XOXO Mom/Joc