Monday, June 04, 2007

Spring Sprang!

Hello Again! We have been so busy, the time has just been flying by! Mostly I have been working in the shop and the garden, and Jai has just been working. It will be nice when school is out, and his schedule is a little less hectic! Things are humming right along, though.
I finished the marquetry panel:

made up a portfolio of our work

and a couple other books. We didn't get a lot of business at the market, but I picked up a custom job that made up the difference, so that was good.

And we are really enjoying having a garden for the first time! I think we could do with a little less grass to mow, so the garden will probably get substantially larger in the next couple of years! For now, though, it's a nice manageable size.

Spring has really sprung here. It's totally different than what I'm used to from living in Victoria. I never really noticed a sharp difference in the seasons like this before. It seems like it went from being cold and bare to hot and flowering in an instant!
The lilacs are out everywhere!

It seems like almost every yard has at least one lilac bush, so you can't walk around anywhere in town without smelling it in the air.
And the lupins are on their way! I can't wait to see them!


Anonymous said...

hello from Kelowna! One more night and I'll be home. Lauren the birds are beautiful!! Your garden looks great - I can hardly wait to see what colour the lupins will be. Talk to you soon! XO Mom/Joc

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hello! Thanks, I'm excited about the lupins too! Hope your trip went smoothly - talk to you soon. Love Lauren