Friday, June 15, 2007

The flowers are coming...

Hello! jai's off working at the theatre tonight, so I thought I would take a second and update our news. First off, the pics of the lupins I promised in the last post:

They are SO gorgeous! All along all the highways, there are just mounds and mounds of them. We pulled over and picked some the other day, and they look fabulous in a vase.
Also, the garden is doing well. Our potatoes are the happiest potatoes on the block.

Even the pumpkins are growing merrily.
We haven't eaten anything out of it yet (although we probably will be able to soon) but I have had a couple of cups of mint tea - YUM!!!!! Fresh tea should be a delicacy!
I got a commission today to make this for a lady:

She gave me the deposit, and it's all official, now I just have to figure out how I'm going to make it!
Other stuff in the shop:
Business card holders:

Bird panels completed:

Bird box:

That picture really doesn't do it justice (it's the only one I had that was facing the right way!) but you can see it better if you want - just click on the Etsy link for our store on the left side of the page. I think it turned out pretty good.
Jai turned a whole bunch more tops to bring to the market, and he made me a garden dibbler to use when I (finally) plant my corn.
And here are some pictures of the peonies which are just starting to open up. They are the most beautiful deep red colour. They look a little less like aliens now!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jay and Lauren
The pictures of the Lupins are gorgeous, i think they would be great around here, i wonder if they are indiginous. When you guys are done with veronica mars season 3 could you pass it along, as i can't access around 6 episodes and would like to see them.
Your garden looks great, mine is a combo of veg and lots and lots of weeds.
Tkae care

Connor F said...

Um, guys... Your etsy store is not fully updated and I REALLY want one of your business card holders. Let me know when it is up! :)