Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hello Winnipeg

We made it to Winnipeg today, but it was a long, boring day for driving. I found the scenery on this side of Regina not as spectacular, although it may just be that we're both getting tired of driving! We did see some pretty spectacular weather on the way, though.

These two shots were taken fairly close together. We were going through patches of storm and then patches of sun, storm, sun, storm. The weather in Winnipeg was supposed to be "severe thundershowers" but so far it's actually been quite nice. We'll see, we bought a tarp to put over the top of the trailer because last night there were drips all over the place. Jai put a cup under one and it was almost full in a matter of maybe ten minutes. Hopefully our stuff will survive! Jai says it's really nice to drive (he's been doing all the driving so far), though, and people really like to hear our story.

Here's a picture of us with Mac, and one of his jewels, in case you didn't believe me:

We've got loads of great pictures (all taken through the car window.) Here's some more:

I'm having way too much fun having our computer in our hotel room!
Tomorrow we start into Ontario...


Anonymous said...

cool pics. Have a great trip!!

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Robyn said...

Mmm nice shot of the rain :)