Thursday, March 13, 2014

If - Spark (Number 2)

Hello!  So, I did get another reprise at Illustration Friday this week.  This started off as a little doodle while I was waiting for lunch to cook, and after lunch the kids and I dug out my good pastels and played around.  They did some nice colour fields, and I squeezed this in.
We're in the middle of Spring Break here, so all our usual programs are cancelled.  There's a small danger of us going stir crazy - we're in the middle of a freezing rain warning, and no one wants to go outside.  The danger comes mostly from me - the kids would be happy to watch Peppa Pig videos over and over and over. So far, we've managed to keep the fighting to a minimum - two more days to go!  When is Spring coming???????
Here's the sketch:


anthemsweet said...

I like the glowing colors. The children look warm and happy.

hedwig said...

Very cosy scene! I like the naive style.

harada57 said...
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