Saturday, May 11, 2013

Real Cowboys

Hello again!  Bet you are surprised to be hearing from me already!  I just have a quick moment before Holly wakes up from her nap.  We had such a fun little day today, I thought I would jot it down.  I didn't have the camera with me, so the photos are unrelated (but still fun)!
 First we went to the Yard Sale for Griffin's Pre-School, and we got to pick up his first school photos!

Then we went to the Livestock Auction at the Exhibition grounds.  Oooooh - it's so much fun.  We saw real cowboys, riding horses, and herding cows into numbered groups.  We saw sheep and goats and cows and ponies and horses - Holly couldn't stop "moo-ing" the whole time we were in the barn.  I fell in love with a jersey cow, but couldn't bring her home.

Then we found the little barn, where they were auctioning off the smaller animals - chickens, guinea fowl, ducklings, rabbits, turkeys, and baby bunnies.  Griffin and Holly promptly set themselves up in front of the baby bunnies, and begged us to bring them home.  I told them they didn't have to convince me.  Luckily (I suppose) Dad was a harder case.

As I said to Jai, though, it was better than the zoo, and free.  Perhaps one day we can even buy something.  A girl can dream.

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