Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Happy Birthday, Little G

Oh, this little boy of mine.  Yesterday, when I picked him up from pre-school, I was buckling him into his seat, and he said, "Mom, I'm SO glad you're my Mom."  Well, Griffin, I can't even tell you how glad I am that you are my son.

Griffin turned FOUR years old yesterday!  I think he had a pretty good birthday.  He got some monster trucks that kept him busy all morning, and all afternoon, and some soccer gear that kept him busy all evening.  He's pretty excited about soccer at the moment.  Of course, he really knows nothing about it, other than that you kick the ball.  Who doesn't love kicking a ball around?  Anyway, now he has cleats, and shin guards and his very own soccer ball.  I think his favourite part was how he can run down the hill at the playground without slipping.  He wanted to put his cleats on again this morning, to walk to playgroup, so we had to talk about how they are special shoes just for grass.

He had a small birthday party on the weekend, with most of his favourite people.   We had a picnic in the playground, and then everyone ended up hanging out in our backyard.  He was very excited that he had two parties - one in the park, and one at the house.  Afterwards, he spent a long time on the deck by himself, busily planting cars and trucks with the pots and soil left over from my seeds.  Yesterday, I poked them all out of the dirt, as though they were growing, and today he pulled them out, and excitedly told me all about how they grew, they really grew!  He then proceeded to plant them all again.  Too much fun.

Here's some pictures from the party.  All the ones below were taken by Jai.  He's practicing so he can do a wedding with me.  Not bad, hey?
Happy days.

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