Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Lamb!

 Hello!  Happy Spring! We've had a couple of nice warm days here - yesterday Griffin and I had an ice cream at the local ice cream truck stop, and today we had a picnic at a friend's house.  Hooray!  We even took our coats off today.
 These pictures are from a visit to another friend's house.  They had a new baby lamb, which was almost as exciting as checking the mail and digging in the ditch.

Last night we moved Holly's crib out of our walk-in closet, and into Griffin's room.  Or should I say Griffin and Holly's room.  Everything went pretty well last night, but tonight could be a whole different ballgame.  We figure we'll give it two weeks, and see.  Any change in the bedtime routine is always scary!
We don't really have another bedroom available at the moment, the "spare" room being full of stuff.  Mostly my stuff.  And a big mattress on the floor that serves as our guest bedroom.  One day the plan is to finish the attic, move the stuff up into our new studio space, and renovate the spare room into Holly's room.  Quite a list of accomplishments!

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Lola said...

fun. It's crazy how much greener the grass is now. I think it may in fact be spring.