Thursday, April 18, 2013

IF - Wild

Hello!  Here's another Illustration Friday, completed!  Late Thursday night.  Very late.  (Past my bedtime.)  Yup, it's a bee beard.  A mighty one.
EDIT:  Huh, looking at it this morning, I feel like I might have gone a little overboard last night.  Here's the original, pretty much straight off the scanner:
Sometimes late nights are not my friends.


tanja wllmot said...

That's a young Abe Lincoln right there, with a bee beard... and a mighty steady gaze. Like the richness of texture in the beard, kinda looks like an etching quality.

Anonymous said...

Call me wild (heh, heh) - the first one evoked an involuntary 'wwwwiiiilldddd' ... :) ... Both are great! mjg