Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Summer and Stuff

Ah, these lazy, hot days of summer have arrived.  Now, if only the chance to be a little bit lazy would have accompanied them!
I made Strawberry & Ginger-Ale Jam.  Step One: Insert baby into Jolly Jumper (Holly Jolly Jumper, as we call it around here.)

Step Two:Sterilize jars, and hull and wash berries.

Step Three: Cook and Mash, with Sugar.

Step Four: Jar, and put into Hot Water Bath.  Darn!  Fruit float!  Last year I made a cooked jam, which used a lot less sugar, and had a different flavour.  I like them both, but so far the clear winner has been the Rose Petal & Rhubarb jam which disappeared from the jar in record time.

But that was just one day's work, ages ago now, it seems.  We had our sixth annual Canada Day BBQ, and I photographed a wedding on the same day (pictures of both forthcoming...)  We also added some new pieces to the Natural Playground (seperate post?) and got some stuff done in the garden (never enough, though, never enough.)
We painted (with piggy):

We drew, and practiced following lines:

Holly has been practicing her clapping:

 And, of course, play-doh was involved:

And I took (WAY too many) pictures of the kids:

So that's a random sampling of the hundred or so.  I just kept going as long as they would let me. And now I have to go.