Monday, July 16, 2012

Picnics and Other Joys

Here we are again!  The summer, it seems, is just GO, go, Go.  Don't get me wrong - I love it all.  But I won't deny that there is a part of me that is secretly looking forward to winter, to slowing down, to warm soups and hot tea.  For now, though, it is all picnics outside, and weeding, and bathing suits, and flying kites. And thank goodness for the rhythm of the year.  It is One of the Things We Love About Living Here.  Here are some of the others...
Some photos from Canada Day:

Some Photos From a Small Family Picnic:

All that and more - berry picking, bug bites, visiting, and thrifting.  Good days, which end in brown bath water.

For more summer pictures, you can visit my photography blog, where I am participating in the Let the Kids Summer Shot List.  We have been having fun.

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