Monday, May 28, 2012

Some Moments

Oh, well, I just thought I'd take a second while the rest of the family is watching dolphin videos on the giant screen.  This is a couple of weeks worth of little moments.  

Holly eating food for the first time:

 This one's probably self-explanatory:
 She just loves her toes - her feet rarely stop moving, but here is a small moment of stillness:
 And same from above (we're all in awe of Griffin's giant line of cars):
 The quince blossoms have once again come and gone:
 The things he knows about trucks...
 She's her brother's sister, all right:
 Just look at this baby:
 Oh oh, Griffin just can't resist a photo shoot:

 And here she is again:

As I said, these are photos from a while ago (around the beginning of the month).  Slowly, but surely, I am catching up.  Maybe.  Well, treading water, anyway.
And now it's bedtime.  Good night!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures - you underestimate how much you accomplish, my dear...xoxo us (and the girls, too)