Friday, November 04, 2011

It's Nice to Have Some Help

Hello! Happy November! Wow, October really rushed by.

We did Halloween here, with some good friends, but it was pretty quiet. Griffin wore a costume for about a minute... screaming the whole time. He just wanted to be Griffin, and he just wanted to stay home. We managed to convince him that he could just wear his raincoat and hat, and we could just go to our neighbour, Pearl's, house. He got a little interested when she put some candy in his bucket. Jo joked that he's a total East Coast trick or treater, though, as he peeked around the door and said, "Maybe we could just go in for a little minute," then walked in and visited with Pearl for a little while. Nova Scotia-style. As we were leaving he said, "Maybe we could do another house." Once around the block did it, and then it was, "Time to go home."

Baby is doing well. Last week, we had a bit of a worry, as it had decided that being head down was no fun any more, and being sideways would offer a much better perspective on life. So we had to make the hour-long trek to Kentville and do an ultrasound to see if they were going to have to try and turn the baby (which did not sound fun to me at all) but baby managed to figure it all out and get itself turned the right way around again. Whew!

Jai and I are doing well, too, for the most part. Griffin and I managed to come down with a nasty cold that we've been fighting off for the last week. It doesn't slow him down much, but it sure threw me for a loop. I'm really hoping that the stuffy nose and hacking cough will be gone before I go into labour. Really hoping. A lot.

My Mom is down for a few days to help us try and get ready for the new family member. So far, I think we've mostly been doing laundry. All the baby clothes that had been in the attic got filthy when the roof got redone, as all sorts of roofing crap fell through the boards and into the attic. Yuck. Plus, the whole hauling giant loads of laundry up and down the stairs has not been something that I've been feeling up to lately. Yeah, I got a little behind. It's nice to have the help.

And Griffin, of course, is loving having Grandma in the house.

Most of these photos (except for the above two) are from Jai's parent's visit, just before Thanksgiving. We tripped off to PEI for a long weekend touring around and playing on the beach. It was lovely.

Anyway, it's after 7pm, and my brain has turned to mush. Maybe next time I write, we will be four. You never know. . .

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Sherrie said...

I've been thinking of you often! I hope that everything goes perfectly. It sounds like a cooperative baby already, turning around when needed. :) Can't wait to 'meet' the new little one!