Friday, November 11, 2011

Feeling Thankful

Hello! Still no baby! We had a nice, quiet Remembrance Day - it was a very wet, blustery day around here, so we spent some time being Thankful for the ability to snuggle together inside our warm, cozy house, listening to the services and stories on the CBC - feeling very lucky, indeed.

I did get some granola bars made, in the hopes that I will be taking some to the hospital with me as a snack. Come on, baby, everything is ready for you! Griffin and I spent two hours at the doctor's office yesterday - 15 minutes with the doctor, and an hour and forty-five in the waiting room. He did well - better than me! Needless to say, I am really hoping that the appointment we have for next week (all the way up in Kentville - an hour's drive each way) will NOT be necessary!

Griffin expressed his desire yesterday to grow up and be a Mommy. He said it like it was the most exciting thing he could imagine. Mommy!!!! Aside from being just about the cutest thing I've ever heard (yesterday he also told me I was his Sun and and Best Friend), it has me hoping he will relish his role as a big brother. I know it will be a big adjustment for everyone, but we're hoping it will just be more love going around, and not feel like less.

We were hoping Jai was going to be able to stay home for six weeks or so when the baby arrives, but financially we just wouldn't be able to swing it without putting ourselves into major debt. Still, he will have a couple of weeks to spend here, and some Christmas holidays to look forward to. My Mom will come down for a week, and I may end up going up to Halifax for a week as well. Having a new baby is no doubt always an exhausting endeavor, but hopefully we won't be quite so gobsmacked by it all this time. We'll at least have the illusion of somewhat knowing what we're doing. Good times!

To finish up, here's just a couple of things I am thankful for:
-Feeling like my family is mostly safe, most of the time
-Our ability to choose what we think is best for us as a family, without having to bow to outside forces
-Having a house, with a roof, and warm blankets, and a cozy fire
-A freezer full of home-made food
-The freedom to create
-A house full of giggles and cuddles and the stomping of little feet

And maybe one more - that Halloween only comes one day a year! These are this year's Halloween photos. He kept the costume on just long enough for me to capture those crocodile tears. Yes, I am willing to torture my child with a frog costume to keep up the tradition of the Halloween photo.


Kristin said...

I will say something that was said to me before I had my second. I hope you have a wonderful childbirth.

I found with my 2 year old that it helped a lot to talk to her often when I was doing things that required focusing on the baby. I'd engage her as much as possible, and that kept the jealousy away.

Jo said...

Am I a mean auntie for loving those last two crying pics? Sad/angry frogs are so cute! <3

Anonymous said...

Leo does the exact same thing with playdough and diggers! I laughed when I saw your photo! Best of luck - if you are indeed still waiting... Can't wait to hear the news! x rachel

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Lauren! Let us know if there's anything we can do for you guys. ~monica