Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some nice Winter Moments (Bridgetown Winterfest Saves the Day Again!)

Hello! Happy Winter! (I'm trying to be more positive about the rest of winter hanging around. It's sort of working.) We celebrated the slightest whiff of spring in the air the other day by participating in the parade of lights and bonfire lighting part of Bridgetown's Winterfest. The parade was better than ever (and an extra block long!) and the turnout was great.

The bonfire was really fun, too. We spent time with some friends, and Griffin had a wonderful time running amok and splashing in ice puddles.

And other than that, life has mostly been continuing on as normal. We've been colouring (mostly on the paper!)

And baking.

Griffin likes to use his oven, too (loaded from the back, of course!)

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