Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Jai!

Happy Birthday Jai!!!!!!!!!!!

Every day I have at least one moment where I think about how incredibly lucky I am to have met you, and to get to share my life with you. Hooray for you!

This is a shot from a Griffin & Jai photo shoot that happened earlier this week.

And this is a picture that Jai took of Griffin enjoying his nightly ritual of watching Elmo and Boccelli on Sesame Street. Griffin loves this video so much - he sits and grabs his toes and rocks back and forth - he shrieks at the same moments every time - he snuggles in at the same moments - he has a big grin on his face the whole time. Here it is, so we don't have to hunt it down every night:

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jai! May your year be blessed in every way...

What a lovely post! Loved seeing new Griffin pics and watching Elmo and Boccelli was a treat. I'm glad I have it close by too. I think Griffin has inherited all, and every single one of the magnificent 'genes-of-the-arts' that you two possess...

Have a good birthday weekend celebration! AuJP