Saturday, September 12, 2009

Good times

Hello Again!  Oh my, it has been a while since I wrote last.  We have been busy little bunnies around here, hopping about from this to that.  

Jai spent most of his long weekend priming the house.  We got tinted primer so we will only have to do one coat of paint, and we can already see basically what it will look like.  He worked hard, on top of a very tall ladder, and got most of it done already.  It looks great, and all the neighbours have given us positive feedback.  It looks so much better, and cheerier, already.

Griffin and I decided, last minute, to scarper off to Halifax on Sunday.  So we spent four glorious days relaxing and visiting, and being pampered.  We walked around lakes, and browsed in bookstores, and even watched tv.  It was quite a treat.
With Grandpa, and Great-Nana:

And relaxing with Grandma:

Griffin turned four months old while we were out.  He is now mostly in 6-9 month clothing.  Here he is beside his new toy- much longer than 24 inches now!  

We've been frantically trying to make sure he wears all his clothes at least once!  (Which means lots of photo ops - not that I needed the excuse!)

When we got back, it was Jai and I's third wedding anniversary. 

 There were some gorgeous flowers waiting for us, as well as the most wonderful man on Earth (in my totally unbiased opinion!)  

Griffin and I sure felt lucky.

I'll write more soon - it's Ciderfest weekend, and Griffin and I must dash out the door if we want to catch Jai driving the Bookmobile in the parade!


Christie, Mike and Brynn said...

I love that colour! Happy anniversary guys. Hugs!

Katie said...

Your house looks fantastic! And let me just have made an adorable little human. xo.