Monday, September 14, 2009

Bridgetown Does Ciderfest

Oh Ciderfest Weekend, what joy you bring us! Friday night we ventured down the street to see the fun and games, and check out the live band.

I didn't get any pictures of the kids activities because they were too dark. Picture, if you will, a big inflatable "castle" consisting of four interconnected tunnels, with turrets at each corner. The turrets each have a window, which is so filthy with handprints that you almost can't see through the thick plastic. It gets darker and darker, and more and more kids enter. Who knows how many kids are running around in there, in the pitch black interior? All we see is the evidence - bloody nosed little boys, and little girls crying that they got punched in the face. Good, clean fun.

Saturday brought more activities. Griffin got a little handmade giraffe toy from a woman on the street. It's super sweet, and he cuddled with it all day long.
Saturday afternoon was the Ciderfest Parade. Griffin and I walked down to our corner to check it out. He thought it was pretty neat, although he did cry a little when the first of the bagpipes passed us by.

Everything else, though - people dressing up in silly costumes, driving by slowly and throwing brightly coloured candies at us - was right up his alley.

Plus, we had a quick visit from Daddy in the Bookmobile, and that darn pigeon, who is always trying to drive it.

Angela looked so cute in her costume. Her sign says "can I drive the bus?" (From one of Griffin's and Jai's favourite books - "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" by Mo Willems.

Then it was off to the park for our very favourite event - the Cardboard Boat race.

There were some strong contenders, and only two boats this year that didn't last the entire race (these are the moments that everyone is waiting for.)

Last year there was a lot more swimming.

Other than that, we had a visit from Grandma, who came down to spend the day with Griffin, so Jai and I could get some other things done.

I'll have to show you what I was working on soon!!

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The Mama said...

Happy Anniversary Jai and Lauren and Happy 4 months old Griffin!