Thursday, June 18, 2009

For those who like baby pictures

Hello again!  Griffin and I did a little photo shoot yesterday, and I had to share some of the results.

He's six weeks old already today.  Part of me is just dying for him to be able to do things like sit up on his own and laugh out loud and sleep through the night, but the rest of me doesn't want him to change from how he is now.  Even at my most sleep deprived, I'm just amazed by him.  And I finally caught one of his smiles on camera.  

Jai was singing him the Griffin song, which he absolutely loves.  He's a definite music fan - last night we went to a mini band practice for Jai's band, Dayliner, and Griffin loved it.  We've been playing a lot.  If you haven't been, it's definitely worth checking out.  It's an on-line radio site, where you can type in the name of an artist that you like, and it will just play music for you by them and similar artists.  Our current favourite is Jose Gonzalez radio, although we've also been listening to Beethoven radio.  He seems to like them both equally.  With his long arms and fingers, we figure he'd make an excellent cellist.  
Anyway, I also caught a picture of him crying, which was less elusive, but almost equally cute (just for contrast.)

He's also got an excellent set of lungs.  
What else is new?  It's mostly baby news, I must admit.  We've mostly switched over to cloth diapers.  It's both easier and harder than I was expecting, but we're just getting started, so I'll let you know how it goes.  The weather here has been gorgeous - beautiful sunny days that aren't too hot yet.  We've been going for lots of walks, although trying to avoid peak blackfly times, as it seems to be a bad year for the bugs.  
Otherwise, we're just moving along.  We're at the point with the house that it needs to be painted and needs a new roof.  Jai was hoping he'd be able to paint it himself, but with him working full-time, I think it would be hard.  I'm hoping we can find someone to do at least the main parts, who won't charge us too much money.  The roof...well, I guess we'll see.  How do people pay for new roofs?  It's like a mystery/adventure game.  Anyway, I'm sure you don't need to hear too much about that. 

Here's a look I get a lot:

I know, and he's not even a teenager yet.

Know what's weird? Day by day, nothing seems to change. But pretty soon, everything's different. 
Bill Watterson 


Anonymous said...

GG loves the smiling (she thinks you must have mentioned her name to get him to smile so big!!)(kidding) Love and Hugs XOXOXOXO
GG and gang

Christie, Mike and Brynn said...

Yey pictures!

Happy early Father's Day Jai.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to wish you happy Fathers Day, Jai. Dad says Thanks too. The pictures of "our" baby are so cute - aren't blogs amazing. The frown, well, I've seen that one a lot myself. Will look for baby pictures to bring along next time we visit.
Love Mom and Dad.