Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy busy boy

Hello Again!  Hope everyone has had an excellent week.  Things have been super busy around here, as usual.  We've had more excellent guests, with my Grandparents coming all the way out from the west coast to meet their new Great Grandson.  It's been super nice to get a visit with them, as we are a very close family, and I've been missing them.  My Grandma brought out some more pictures for me to scan.  If you've been watching this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I really love pictures of my Grandma and her twin sister when they were young.  Previously, I only had the one image, which I used for a couple of different projects, but now I have a whole bunch more, and I'm super excited for the day when I get back to my own work again.

For now, though, I've been busy with other, more important things.  

Griffin's been doing great.  He had his first trip to the beach, his first trip to the accountant, and his first trip to the Farmer's market all this week.  He loved the beach, slept through the accountant, and had mixed feelings about the Farmer's Market.  We were thinking about asking the accountant to come over at night and talk to him, since it put Griffin right to sleep, but he would be the most expensive babysitter ever.  We should have taped him!

Our boy is growing fast - at his one month check-up, he had already gained over 3 lbs above his birth weight.  Must be all those late-night feedings.  

Other than that, we have been trying to fit in a little bit of gardening.  My Mom came over and got our beds ready this last week, which was a HUGE help, because I don't think I could've gotten around to it without the help.  Anyway, I've planted tomatoes and basil and zucchini, plus lettuce and carrots.  All the essentials.  We've been eating strawberries out of the yard for the last week or so, so summer must be just around the corner.  One of our apple trees was covered in blossoms, so we might even get some apples this year.  

I just can't resist those blurry forget-me-not photos!


Anonymous said...

hi guys ... was happy to help with the garden (I may have picked a strawberry or two). See you soon! XOXO M/J/G
Happy birthday GreatOpa!

Anonymous said...

love the smile and conversation with Griffin tonight! See you soon! XO (great)Grandma

Anonymous said...

this is a test for GG to learn how to make anonymous comments on the blog XOXO us

Anonymous said...

Hello to Lauren, Jai, Griffin, and all the anonymous bloggers--Gm, Gp, (great)Gm, and (great) the new photos of Griffin. Nice to hear that Canadian strawberries in Bridgetown are ready! Have a good weekend everyone....Janet