Sunday, June 29, 2008


Can you guess who that bum belongs to?

Oh yes, it's Samson the porcupine.
It feels like we've had another busy week here. We've been developing some new products for the store, which I will unveil soon. The house behind us actually got taken down in a timely manner. Hooray for Canada Day, a great motivator for beautifying the path to the park.

It was pretty crazy to watch the guy take it down. It took him all day, but when he was done, it was hard to tell there had ever been a house there. (A lot faster to take down than to put up.) It seems kind of sad to me that a home could be destroyed that quickly - I kept wanting to yell "stop, I just want to look at that first!" And who knew those jaws could crush a beautiful old wood cookstove as though it were made of kindling? Well, I do, now.

Goodbye house! We can't decide if it improves the view or not. It just looks kind of bare back there right now, like something is missing. But the garden is doing well, and everything is looking really lush because of all the rain we've been having.

Speaking of the path to the park, any of you who have been to our house or are familiar with Bridgetown probably know that our house is surrounded by a painted blue line. The town paints this every year for tourists to follow on the self-guided historic walk about town. They publish a guide book that you can take with you, which includes a very nice photo of our house. This year they decided to add a graphic of a ship and the name of the walk, probably because everyone always asks "what's with the blue line?" Jai noticed the guys with a big machine industriously painting their way through town while he was on his way to work. He stopped to see what they were doing, and noticed that they had just painted who knows how many ships, but something didn't look right. When he got to work he called town hall just to double-check. No, in fact, The Cypress Walk should NOT be spelled The Sypriss Walk. Oops. So they had to go back over them with white paint, and then over them again with blue paint, and now it looks a little messy, but it makes for a cute story. (Although in the official town guidebook and website it's actually spelled The Cyprus Walk. A very quick bit of research informs me that apparently Cyprus refers not to the tree, but to a Mediterranean island. Good thing they added the ship!)
Anyway, here are some pictures that I took along the path from our house to the park. Enjoy!

Happy Canada Day everyone :)

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Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day! thanks for a great party - you are right, Bridgetown has the BEST fireworks show!! xoxo All of us