Saturday, June 21, 2008


Hey! Well, we had a pretty exciting week around here. Almost too exciting!

That is the empty house behind us burning not-quite down to the ground. Those are our fence posts in the picture.

Jai came home from the theatre, and saw that something wasn't quite right. When we first went out, it just looked like someone had a flashlight or something in there, but Jai called 911 right away, and the Bridgetown volunteer fire department were here super quickly. The Lawrencetown guys came, too, so we had about forty firemen milling around in our back yard. They did an excellent job of not damaging the garden, although I saw a couple of cringe-worthy close calls. This is something that Jai has been worrying about for a long time now. We have had to call the cops a couple of times before about kids breaking into the building, so it really was only a matter of time. Luckily it was kind of a damp night, with no wind. Yikes!

In other exciting news, Bridgetown saw the first-ever unicycle marathon pass through it's main street a couple of days ago. Things are never boring around here!

And the garden is doing marvelously well. I did manage to catch the peonies in bloom, and the lupins, although I did miss the lilacs in full bloom. I really love the lupins, and can't get enough of them. Every time we drive anywhere, I have an "oh crap" moment, because I keep meaning to bring scissors and a vase and grab some off the side of the road. I just can't bear to cut ours, they're so pretty where they are!

All the veggies are coming along really well, except no sign of the carrots. Hmmm, it might be time to try some new seed. And I had to replant a couple of the chickpeas, after one of the neighbourhood cats paid us a visit. Still, everything is coming along nicely. I couldn't believe the size of the potato plants, which were just sticking out of the ground when I left, and now are about two feet tall. And we've been eating strawberries out of the garden every day since I got back. Even with doubling the size of the strawberry patch, I can tell it will never be enough. I ended up buying two quarts today at the Farmer's Market, so I can freeze some and have them in the middle of winter.

Plus...Peaches! Peaches everywhere! I had to prune a bunch of them off, because it is the first year for that little tree, and I didn't want him to overdo it. Still, there's about ten peaches left, and they are already getting big enough to be excited about (which, all right, isn't all that big, but, peaches!)


Anonymous said...

hi! great pictures ... thank goodness Jai got home when he did! I think we'll get Errol doing the unicycle race next year ... keep your eyes out for a unicycle! XOXO Mom/Joc

Anonymous said...

hi guys..

Well Errol, we have a unicycle! Not a problem!! Consider it done!
XOX Janet

Connor F said...

Wow! I love the stuff that you made at Craft Camp. I'm really into your indigo piece and the whirligig!

Michael and I have just been moving into our new place for the last couple of weeks, which has been both fun and annoying. Moving stuff while in the middle of doing work can be a pain! But, it's starting to look pretty great! I just spend the evening doing shelves in the office.

Actually, that reminds me! I've been meaning to tell you that I GET IT, now! By "it" I mean the attraction and joy of wood-working! Well, I haven't been doing much wood "working", more just wood finishing. I've been picking up those sweet stainless steel shelving brackets from IKEA and buying fantastic woods from Black Forest Woods, sanding them up, and finishing them with oil. They make IKEA shelf brackets look PIMP! :) So far, I've got shelves out of black walnut and ash. I want the next set to be out of toasted maple, zebrano, or bubinga. So, exciting. Now, I just need some tools and a workshop :P

I've also finally received my wallets! Well, half of them...Of the two models, they goofed up one of them so I had to send them back to get re-done properly. But the one that did come in right looks so good. I spend the beginning of the week shipping them out to customers so I'm looking forward to getting some satisfied emails next week (here's hoping, anyway!).

Jai! I'm looking forward to more band recordings!

TTFN, guys!