Monday, April 21, 2008

Brief News Update

Hello! Just a quick note this time, while Jai takes out his contact lenses. I can't even believe so much time has already past since the last post! I guess now that the summer weather is arriving, time is truly flying by.
I feel like every second of spare time has disappeared like a glacier lake. We listened to a program on CBC about a woman who studies these HUGE glacier lakes that disappear in the summer. She said they had a lake that disappeared in an hour and a half. Giant body of water to nothing, down a fissure the size of Niagara Falls. Can you imagine?

Anyway, we got lots of stuff done this week, got a couple of commissions out the door, got started on the garden, picked out a new house colour, and built most of a fence around the back of our property. I'll post more soon!
(Old colour on the left, new colour on the right.)

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