Monday, April 28, 2008

Beaches and Ice Cream!

We've been having beautiful weather this week! :) Warm days and cool nights - my favourite! We got some work done in the garden, building up the beds and general tidying. Things are starting to come up well now, so I'm anxious to start getting some seeds in.

We got two of the beds done, and we'll be doing two more like this on the other side.

Plus lots more, I'm hoping.

We took some time on the weeked to do a day trip with our friends Brandon and Jo. They took us down the French Shore for the first time. It's beautiful! We stopped at all the little antique stores, and saw some treasures.

We stopped for delicious ice cream.

And we stopped at Mavillette Beach, which is quite incredible. And quite deserted, as you can see.

Other than that, it's been a busy week for work as well. I finished the walnut dining table, and will post pics as soon as the finish is dry and we put it all back together. It turned out really nice, and I'm happy with it. Hopefully they will be, too. And Jai's been working on a wholesale order of tops. I've also been playing with some new book ideas, and just got a new shipment of 100bf of walnut, so I've got lots of wood to play with, now. We still have a couple of jobs on the go, but it does feel like we got some things accomplished this week, so that's always nice.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Amazing beach! The fence looks really good ... as does the garden. We can hardly wait to see how spectacular it will look once all the seeds are in and growing. Two more sleeps til the big move! See you soon! XOXO M/J&E

Jan-how was Brett's trip? Now, back to your writing - you're almost DONE!!! XO me

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauren/Jai, and Joc/Errol..

You are weeks ahead of us!! No green blades of grass in our neck of the woods yet..wait, wait, wait I guess!

Deadlines are in. I will be submitting by Wed. midnight! It's crazy time. Brett just called from Gm and Gp's house. He has arrived! Trip went well, and his interview is tomorrow at 12:30.

Lauren, I love those raised beds. I have 4 and two have to go (too big). I wish I could send mine over the sky :)

Catch you later..back to writing

Caroline (from Virginia) said...

Your raised beds look great - I'm so jealous that you have four of them! I can't wait to see what you fill them with. I just planted my "container" vegetable garden last week, and I run outside every half hour when I'm home to check on it. :)

sherrieg said...

Wow, your beds look great! Were those bottles at Grandma's Collectibles, perchance?

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Hey Guys! Thanks for the comments! :) I think the raise beds look pretty good, too. And yes, Sherrie, that's totally from Grandma's Collectibles! It's pretty fun in there, except for the mangy stuffed seagull. I could have done without that.

Christie & Mike said...

Hey guys, the yard looks great, I'm excited to see what the house looks like in the new colour. Sounds like work is really keeping you busy, which rocks! Enjoy the nice weather for us on the West Coast, we got snow last week. :)