Friday, January 18, 2008

Hello! Well, I was trying to hold off posting until my NEW camera arrives, so I could put up some amazing new pictures that will blow all your socks off! But it didn't come in the mail today, and I did say last time I would try not to leave it so long between posts. Oh well. Now that I've set up unreasonably high expectations, I've also used up all my news.
Mostly I'm just excited about my new camera arriving. On Monday, I'm sure of it! (I've been saying all week, "Tomorrow it will be here for sure!")
We had a big winter storm earlier today, with lots of snow and blowing winds. Now it is perfectly calm. Tonight I've got a couple of girlfriends coming over for some tea and visiting, while Jai is working at the theatre.
Jai and I went for a walk along the old rail line a couple of nights ago, before there was snow on the ground again. Here's some pics from that:

And my favourite:

Something about blurry pictures...

And we've gotten some work done in the shop over the last week. Jai finished his bowl, and it looks great!

We didn't get as much done as usual, though, because we took a couple of days to do a big clean-up and get the office closer to being usable. We had the interview with the Spectator reporter on Wednesday, and the article will be in the paper this coming Wednesday. I'll take pictures, so you can see it.
Anyway, that's about all for now. On Monday, when my new camera arrives...


Anonymous said...

Jai - the bowl is fabulous. You must be pleased. Dad will ask, I know, if you have used your chain saw yet? Looking forward to seeing the newspaper article too. Love your snow pictures - did you get really hammered with the snow and recent bad weather. We are having more snow today but don't have much on the ground so far.
Love to you both and Happy New Year. Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Jai, the bowl looks amazing - it's beautiful! I look forward to seeing the article - don't forget to send copies!! XO us

sherrieg said...

Beautiful! And I just read the article - now I really want to meet you guys. :)