Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas tidings

Hello Again! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We had a nice quiet week around here, visiting with friends, eating treats, and watching snow fall. It was lovely!

I don't really have much to say, so I thought I'd just post a couple of pictures, and you could pretend they are all worth 1000 words. :)

We didn't get our wreath for outside until Christmas Eve, so it was FREE! Sometimes it pays to be late! I decorated it with some Christmas decorations we ordered off Ebay last year, that were sent to Yo Video instead. They arrived this year just in time. And some holly that Jai was given for Christmas by a woman he drives.

I made this tray as a custom job for a local woman who saw our work at the Christmas show. She liked it so much, she ordered another one on the spot! (that was a pretty nice feeling!) I like it, too, and think I might make one for myself as well :)

There's Jai in the kitchen with the wreath that Errol's sister, Cynthia, made us for Christmas. Nice job Cynthia!

The most popular Christmas present this year is definitely the hand-knit Catnip Mice that we picked up for the cats. They couldn't wait until Christmas, though, and dug them out of their hiding places several times before I wisened up and stuck them in a drawer. Emma likes to snuggle hers, and Jane has already ripped the guts out of hers.

Brandon and Jo had us over to their house for Christmas Dinner, with Philip and Angela. Their house was very festive, and the food was amazing! The next best thing to Grandma's.

Our apple firewood is pretty fun to look at. I couldn't resist these amazing fungus things, and took about twenty different pictures of them. The whole log was covered in them, all different shapes and sizes. Anyway, I had to use at least one of them, since I took so many!

And outside the house is lots and lots of snow. I love going out in the backyard, and seeing who has been visiting. And it really makes the house bright when everything outside is white. It's great during the day, but a little bit annoying at night, because I like it to be really dark when I'm sleeping. We might have to get heavier curtains! I would have thought it would be brighter in the summer, but it really isn't. No wonder people suffer from light deficiency when they move to Victoria!

And finally, Santa! We made it up to the Goulden Christmas party, and got to sit on Santa's lap and everything. It was pretty fun, and, as Jai says, he was a very PG-13 kind of Santa.


The Mama said...

ok - So I REALLY like that tray you made! And really like Rowyn's gift you sent. Thanks so much. Happy new year!

jai and Lauren Soloy said...

Happy New year Karissa, I'm glad you like the picture! We liked it, but it's kind of an iffy thing to buy somebody! I love my tea pot - it's perfect for my homemade teas! Thanks! Talk to you guys soon ~Lauren & Jai