Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas

Hello again!  Ok, so lots of stuff happened.  Hooray!  Holly turned three, and I had a birthday, too :)
We've all been super busy, and I have not been keeping up with the family photos.  BUT yesterday was the day when we finally got some Christmas photos done.  It was Santa Claus Parade day, here in Bridgetown, so naturally we did that first.

It's officially the shortest, quietest parade in the history of parading, and that's part of the reason that we love it so.

(this picture actually shows the parade, in it's entirety.)

Plus, Santa stops at the end, and hands out goodie bags to all the kids.  Holly was very proud of herself, because she said "Merry Christmas" to Santa, and that made him "very happy."

Then I set up some backdrops, and we set to making some Christmas magic. Or something.

This one reminds me of the speech the mayor gave during the town tree lighting ceremony, "We wish you all a very serious Christmas."

Finally, at the end, I resorted to bribery, and got some sweet pictures.  Griffin shouted "let's stand up and hug!" so they did.

And then again.

And there's the magic.