Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Dusting off the Box Camera

I have a spare moment, and I wanted to post this photo.
My friend Lola sent me a message to see if I was interested in playing around with some expired 120 film she bought off ebay.  This is the kind of thing I can't shout "YES!" to fast enough.  Finally, a chance and an excuse to dust off my fabulous box camera - kindly given to me by my Grandfather when I started to show an interest in photography, and only used one other time before this. * 

We had a blast kicking around her property and playing - she with an old plastic Holga, and me with my Zeiss-Ikon box camera and not one sweet clue how to work it properly.  There are several pictures that turned out wonderfully, but this one is my definite favourite.

Of course, neither one of us was content with ONE camera around our necks, so you can see some of her other shots with expired colour film here:  http://lifeinanalogue.com/2014/05/07/lauren/
As you can see, she's pretty darn talented.

*The only other time I shot 120 with this box camera, I tried to develop it myself in the darkroom, and ended up dropping the film, finding (in the dark) what I THOUGHT was the film, finally forcing it to thread onto the carousel, and "developing" the paper backing** - all of which I discovered when I turned on the light, and found my (now ruined) film, lying on the floor.  

**If you ever have the chance to develop your own 120 film, it may help you to know that it comes on a paper backing.

This is definitely something I will be playing around with more.