Monday, August 26, 2013

Installment #2 - a Visit to GG and Graypa

Here we go: Installment #2 of our trip to Victoria.  This is the long one - bear with me!  It was kind of a surprise, this trip to Victoria.  My Mom's family was having a reunion to honour my Grandma, and I had a wedding-free weekend, and realized that I really, really felt like I should be going.  I asked Mom if she could help me cover the cost for a ticket for Holly and I, and then Grandma and Grandpa called to say they would buy a ticket for Griffin.  Both they and my Dad offered to buy a ticket for Jai, but he couldn't work it out, with work.  Anyway, the long and short of it is, the kids and I were able to spend a wonderful, wonderful week, hanging out with family.  It was better than I could have hoped. My Grandma and Grandpa, my Mom, my Aunt, my Uncle, and all my cousins, with me and my kids, all under one roof (although some of them had to sleep in tents in the backyard) - total bliss.  The kids were in heaven.  
I very much hope we can do it again, next year.  But in the meantime, here's some of my favourite pics:

Next up: Installment #3 - a trip to the farm.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! thank you - it was very special to have you and the kids traveling with me ... Many proud Grandma/Mom moments!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful! Many proud aunt/sister moments to go with the generations of grandma/mom moments. I'm sure I speak heartfully for the brother/uncle/grandfather moments too! Not to mention the son/daughter/cousin moments either! Thanks Lauren, for your thoughtful capture and representations of this special week of stories. xxaj

Sheyl Page said...

Hi Jai and Lauren,

I love your photos. It's so full of love. It's really heart-warming to see families so happy together. You're all blessed to have each other.

Kiko said...

Cool photos. Very cute :">

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Stoned air . x3 said...

It's amazing.! Welcome to my blog ^^