Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hello!  It's been a few weeks, I guess. Summer sort of arrived.  A little.  And what have we been up to?    Um, we went to the zoo.  I didn't bring the big camera, but when we got home, we all sat down to draw some pictures.  Holly mostly scribbled big red and blue scribbles over the animals that I drew, but here are some of Griffin's pictures:
A Zebra:

A Deer:

An Owl (in a cage, with a sign on it):

What else?  We had a tea party:

You can see more pics of that on the photography blog.
I've been busy organizing a photo shoot, which we did on Sunday (photos from that later).
Griffin had a Teddy Bear Picnic with his pre-school.  They packed up lunches and bears, and took the county bus into Annapolis Royal to picnic at the fort, then took the bus back to Paradise.  It was quite a trip, and Griffin LOVED it, start to finish.  Packing his lunch, wearing his backpack, bringing his bear - all awesome.

We've been to the beach with friends:

 And Jai's been practicing a little with my camera, so he can do a wedding with me in a couple of weeks.
 Also, we've been gardening, building a fence, and other adventures.  I'll try to get back here sooner next time, so I can think of everything!  Until then, happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Everyone is growing up too fast. what wonderful pics of them. How great to have a Teddy Bear picnic - lucky Griffin.
Love Grandma & Grandpa Soloy.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are marvelous!! Holly looks like her Mommy and Griffin is definitely a Hallgren. He looks like his Grandma Soloy. Discovered you by accident....I was Grandma Soloy's best friend as teenagers...her maid of honour...and although we have lost touch what a pleasure to see her beautiful grandchildren. I follow your blog and enjoy every moment.

Sherrie said...

Soooo sweet! I especially love the tea party. And I love the wedding collaboration! Just came across your name in this article from the Chronicle Herald:

Happy Summer!