Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hello!  This week the word for Illustration Friday was "Glow."  I almost decided it wasn't going to happen, what with Christmas and all, but in the end, I just really didn't want to miss one, now that I've started.  I'd love to do one every week for at least a year, before I take any breaks!
Anyway, here it is:
Inspired by my friend's Advent Spiral, where all the kids hold lanterns and walk a spiral through the snow for the Solstice.  Unfortunately we missed it, as it was on the same night as the Goulden Family Christmas Party, but this is sort of how I imagine it would have gone :)


Anonymous said...

Very nice! I really like this one -nice feeling ... Love the background! Jocelyn

Cindy D. said...

Cute and fun! Lovely saturated colors.

hedwig said...

Lovely atmosphere!

TI said...

These drawings are so beautiful! Do you think you'll ever sell a collection of them? I'd be in for sure.

(from a distant admirer...)