Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Finally! An update!

Hello!  It's late here, and I need to go to bed soon, but I wanted to stop in, while Jai is at band practice, and the kids are sleeping.  This Fall has been passing so quickly!  I think maybe it's because summer is hectic, but unscheduled, and Fall is hectic, but in a more regular way, and the time seems to just zoom from one thing to the next.

Griffin seems to be growing in leaps and bounds now that he is in Preschool, and other people are teaching him things.  He thinks it's pretty neat to be able to show me something that he learned, and see if I know it.  Last week when I picked him up, he had learned how to pinch his thumb and his two fingers together, and the first thing he asked me when we got in the car was if I could do it, too.  Like this? I said, and he laughed and laughed.

We had a great Thanksgiving weekend in the city.  I had a wedding to photograph with Emma and a couple of meetings with future brides, and in between all that, we had some great visiting time with Grandma and Grandpa, and I got a great price on a pair of linen pants (regularly $285, on sale for $35!!!  Who pays $285 for a pair of pants?!?  But apparently, if you do, they will not shrink in the dryer (cue eye-rolling clerk!))

Holly had a horrible cold for a while there, complete with fever and full-body rash.  Poor munchkin.  She's feeling much better, but still not back to her regular sleep schedule (waking once or twice a night, as opposed to three to seven times)!  It all makes for one tired Mama.  But we are starting to gain a little bit of independence from each other, here and there, which is always fun.  I have a hard time believing she is coming up on a year already.  How is that possible?
 Anyway, I am SUPER behind on our family pictures, but these are some fun ones from the summer.  Bye for now (back soon with a new Illustration Friday!)

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