Tuesday, September 11, 2012

End of Summer Post

Hello again!  How does the end of summer always seem to slip away from us in a haze of beautiful, swept away days?  When home is just a stopping point, on the way to the next thing, and the end of the day arrives with all of us worn out and ready for bed.  I love it, and I love when the quiet returns as well, as we look forward to finding our regular schedules and routines.
Griffin started pre-school this week - his first day on Friday, and then today.  From now on, it will be every Tuesday morning.  About the first day, he had this to say: "I cried.  A lot."  This morning, all through getting dressed, eating breakfast, and driving to Paradise (yes, that's the name of the next town over) he was crying, "I don't want to go!!!!"  Then we arrived, and he clung to me and screamed as the daycare lady (Miss Cindy) scooped him up in her arms and said "Bye Mom."  And so I left.  I called fifteen minutes later, when Holly and I arrived home, and was told that he was still crying, but stopping once in a while to check something out.  When I picked him up at lunchtime, he was all smiles.  He had played, and sung songs, and had a snack.  He wants to go back already. Whew!

Holly is a speed-crawler now - giggling away if she's crawling toward something she's not supposed to touch (mostly the potty).  She giggles all the time now - she thinks dropping things is hilarious, pulling off her bib is hilarious, the word POP is hilarious.  And, of course, you can't help but join in - is there anything so infectious as a nine-month-old baby giggling?

We had an amazing time in Ontario (where all these pics were taken).  Griffin just loved being surrounded by family, playing by the lake every day, and meeting his cousins for the first time.  He still talks about it all the time.  Both kids handled all the travelling really well - Griffin said "Wheeee!" every time we went through turbulence.  All in all, it was a successful first family trip!  And, of course, I took a million photos.  Look how gorgeous it is!

Look at these two, only days apart.

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