Saturday, April 14, 2012

Here's What Happened

Hi. Just stopping in to say we're still here. (Barely, at times!)
We've had:
-kidney stones (ok - just me)
-head colds (all of us)
-Easter (pics next time?)
-many talks about the Titanic, with Griffin (he's fascinated by the story... without all the horrors... I, however, am feeling a bit traumatized)
-as many visits as we can, with friends who are visiting
-giggle fests (Griffin AND Holly - so cute when they get each other going)
-purging of baby clothes
-buying more baby clothes at Frenchy's (secondhand clothing extraordinaire)

And here's Holly in the one successfully finished knitting project (yes that's a big blob of spit-up on it - about two seconds in):
Bye for now!

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Anonymous said...

Hope kidney stones are done! Congrats on the Milford House invite!! XO us